Strength and Prosperity

Artists are known to be a bit quirky sometimes, have their own ideas that stand out in a crowd and are often misunderstood by the general population.

And they are totally ok with it all.

When they come together, though, something amazing happens. Inspiration, empowerment, love, friendship, beautiful art and a companionship built on trust. The members of the Painted Door are in business together, but it has becomes so much more than just a business. We’ve become a team and a family.

There have been many changes made since the inception of this idea, and these changes are snowballing as we improve, grow and more firmly establish everything that is the Painted Door on Main in Beaumont.

One of these changes is a new website! It will be updated much more frequently than it has in the past, and events and news will be easier to find so that you can keep up to date.

We have also installed a workspace upstairs so that the members can offer you various services and workshops. You’ll find our events and workshops on the main page by visiting

The Painted Door on Main is part of a growing gem in the centre of Beaumont that’s gaining attention from surrounding communities, and we could not be prouder to be a part of that. We all love what we do with passion, love and a strengthening team of amazing people, and we hope to bring you a unique experience that you love as much as we do.

We are grateful for all of the support we have had. Our cup overflows in gratitude, and we want to share that with you!

Always in kindness, always in love.


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